Research Projects

The EIS team is currently working on the following main research projects:

  • Research projects pending in application with MA 23 (Vienna) and EU ERASMUS Programme.
  • Book project “The State of the European Union. Fault Lines in European Integration” with Springer Publishing, edited by Stefanie Wöhl, Elisabeth Springler, Martin Pachel & Bernhard Zeilinger, forthcoming in 2019 in the book series “Staat, Nation, Souveränität” (VS-Verlag). This book looks at developments in different policy fields such as migration and asylum, social exclusion, right wing populism, financialization, economic and democratic development
  • Research Articles in progress by Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl and Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisabeth Springler
  • Our MA 23 “City of Vienna Competence Team European and International Studies” project was running from 2015 to 2018 funded by the City of Vienna’s municipal department (MA 23).