Public Lectures & Events

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Past events:

Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl on Austrian wide Ö 1 Radio (in German) on transfering scientific knowledge into the public space on October 7th 2021.

10.-12. June 2021 ECPR EU Standing Group online Conference with a Panel chaired by Stefanie Wöhl and Muireann O’Dwyer (St. Andrews University): “Gender and European Integration. Theories, Policies and Methodologies…

March 5th to 7th 2020 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl gave a paper at the Conference for Critical Social Theory (AkG) on “The Financialization of the Housing Market in Austria and Ireland” at the University of Kassel, Germany. Click here for more information on the programme.

May 16th 2019 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl held a lecture on “Geschlechterverhältnisse und Demokratie in der Europäischen Union” (in German) at the University of Vienna, organized by the Gender Studies Programme, Hörsaal 31, Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien / Stiege 9
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien

November 14th and 15th 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl held lectures at VHS in Linz Wissensturm (14th) and at the University of Vienna’s Department of Political Science lecture serie (15th) on “Fiktives Kapital und Privathaushalte”.

October 25th 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl gave an opening talk on “Demokratie vs. Multiple Krisen”(Democracy vs. multiple crises) at the “Kärntner Gespräche zu demokratiepolitischer Bildung” in Klagenfurt.

August 15th to 22nd 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl held a seminar on “Economic Shocks” at the “European Forum Alpach” in Alpach, Austria. A newspaper article with Wiener Zeitung (in German) covers this event:

June 4th 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl gave a lecture on “The Crisis of Democracy” at the Sir Peter Ustinov Conference at the University of Vienna.

January 29th 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated in a Round Table discussion on the topic “10 Years after the Financial Crisis” at the ‘Depot’, Vienna.

January 12th 2018 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl gave a lecture at the Barbara Prammer Symposium in Vienna, Austria.

December 2017 -Articles in the Austrian national newspaper “Kurier” cite Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl on topics concerning the Austrian EU Council Presidency in 2018.

November 30th 2017 – FH Forum Discussion on the European Union, organized by the EIS team at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

September 20-22 2017 – Prof. (FH) Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated as invited Speaker at the “Postwachstumskolleg”(Degrowth Kolleg) at the University of Jena in the Workshop on „Democracy and Degrowth“ .

September 13-16 2017 – The whole EIS team presented papers at the European International Studies Association (EISA) Conference at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

September 5-9 2017 – Dr. Bernhard Zeilinger participated in the ECPR General Conference at the University of Oslo with the paper „Trajectories of dismantling the welfare state in the wake of the Eurozone crisis“.

June 8-10 2017 – Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated in the 5th Conference on Politics and Gender of the ECPR at the University of Lausanne with the paper  „The Gender Dynamics of Financialisation and Austerity in the European Union – the Irish Case“.

May 19 2017 – Stefanie Wöhl gave one of the opening lectures at the Summer Academy of the “Institut für die Gesamtanalyse der Wirtschaft” at Johannes Kepler University Linz on the Topic „The Crisis in the European Union – Institutional and democratic Effects“.

Older Events:

12/05/2016 – The Austrian journal Profil published  an interview with Dr. Stefanie Wöhl on the subject of “The Crises of Confidence” in the European Union.

12/01/2016 – Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated in a roundtable discussion at the 4th annual conference of the Gender Studies Association Austria at the JKU Linz titled “Inequalities Re/Visited: Conceptions and Interventions of Critical Gender Studies” with Prof. Stephanie Seguino (University of Vermont, USA), Mag. Christa Schlager (AK Wien), Mag. Käthe Knittler (Feminist Economist) and Dr. Bettina Haidinger (FORBA Research Centre Vienna) on the topic „IT‘S THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, LADIES!“

11/16/2016 – At the invitation of the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna, Dr. Stefanie Wöhl gave a lecture within the lecture series “In_Equalities” on the topic of “Trapped in the Gap? Social and political inequalities in multiple crises“.

11/08/2016 – Alongside Prof. Edgar Förster and Dr. Stefan Vater, Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated in the online live WEB Talk on the question “Can we learn democracy?”, organised by Connudu e.V. and the Austrian Institute for Adult Education.

06/30/2016 – Dr. Stefanie Wöhl participated in the roundtable discussion “Quo Vadis, Europe?” at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich and Mag. Saskia Gränitz.

06/14/2016 – Dr. Stefanie Wöhl authored a blog article for the Chamber of Labor’s “Arbeit und Wirtschaft” (Labor and Economy) blog. (in German only)

04/26/2016 – At the invitation of the  Women’s Board chaired by Mag.a Sandra Frauenberger, the Executive City Councillor for Women’s Issues, Dr. Wöhl gave a lecture on the topic of “Women’s Political Participation – Barriers and Accomplishments” at Vienna City Hall.

04/20/2016 – Dr. Wöhl was one of the speakers at the panel discussion and presentation of the EURO-Memo, invited by BEIGEWUM, ÖFSE and in cooperation with the Wirtschaftspolitische Akademie at C 3 – Centre for International Development

01/12/2016 – Dr. Stefanie Wöhl was invited by the Political Science Department at the University of Kassel to give a lecture on “Mind the Gap! – Crisis, State and gender relations” in the lecture series “Living in Times of Multiple Crises”.